BetterTouchTool 3.870 (September, 5, 2022)
BetterTouchTool 3.826 (July, 28, 2022)
BetterTouchTool 3.821 (July, 13, 2022)
BetterTouchTool 3.784 (May, 22, 2022)
BetterTouchTool 3.781 (May, 14, 2022)
This is a small update (I'm still working on a bigger BTT update, which will be ready soon)
BetterTouchTool 3.756 (April, 11, 2022)
BetterTouchTool 3.741 (January, 31, 2022)
  • Fixed an issue where the Clipboard Manager in BTT would not show images
  • Fixed an issues with the upcoming macOS 12.3 (which is currently available as Beta from Apple)
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Notch Bar
BetterTouchTool 3.740 (January, 21, 2022)
  • The BTT Clipboard Manager now allows you to select text on pictures if you are running macOS Monterey. (Really useful with the "Capture Screenshot to Clipboard" action)
  • Fixed issues with notification Dock badges in some popular Touch Bar presets
  • Fixed issues with missing configuration options in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
  • Fixed double-execution of the "App Did Launch / Activate / Deactivate / Quit" and possibly other triggers in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section.
  • Many improvements for the Notch Bar:
BetterTouchTool 3.711 (January, 12, 2022)
  • Improved overall stability of the Notch Bar feature (for now it still requires >= macOS 12)
  • Added clipboard manager & shortcuts widget for Notch Bar
  • Improved Notch Bar multi-display support (save mode per display, different modes for different displays)
  • Improved responsiveness of Notch Bar
  • Notch Bar can now use the desktop background picture (blurred), this is available in the advanced options.
  • Predefined action "Open URL" now has the option to open in the currently active browser. (Helpful when building a bookmark bar)
  • Added predefined actions "rotate left" and "rotate right".
BetterTouchTool 3.699 (December, 30, 2021)
  • This is the first public release that contains the new Notch Bar functionality (requires macOS 12). It allows you to replace the standard menubar with a super customizable one.
  • Have a look at for a quick start guide for the Notch Bar functionality. Especially on the new Macbooks with Notch this is pretty great as they have a higher menubar. For the Notch Bar BTT includes similar widgets as for the Touch Bar, you can even copy items from the Touch Bar section and paste them in the Notch Bar section.
  • Added Battery based triggers (drop below or above percentage)
  • Fixed issue with screenshot editing on macOS Monterey
  • Fixed issue with copying & pasting actions from one trigger to another
BetterTouchTool 3.626 (November, 28, 2021)
  • Fixed various bugs related to the BTT clipboard manager
  • Final preparations for the BTT Notch Bar / Menubar replacement. This will be released next week and it will be amazing :-) (Twitter thread:
  • Conditional activation groups including window title conditions, should update more reliably now<
BetterTouchTool 3.623 (November, 10, 2021)
  • Various bugfixes
  • Added a simple new action "Show Shortcuts in Context Menu", which allows you to quickly access your Shortcuts from the Shortcuts App at any time.
  • The clipboard manager can now run Shortcuts on selected entries.
  • Preparations for the upcoming "Notch Bar" which will be a powerful Touch Bar replacement. (This is not available in this release yet)
BetterTouchTool 3.615 (November, 3, 2021)
  • Improved reliability of Capslock => Hyperkey functionality
BetterTouchTool 3.612 (November, 1, 2021)
  • When using special keys like "brightness up" or "play/pause" in BTT keyboard shortcuts, you can now combine them with modifier keys.
BetterTouchTool 3.609 (October, 31, 2021)
  • Sorry, another quick bugfix update.
  • New Notch triggers in the "Named & Other Triggers" section: Click Notch,Double-Click Notch, Right-Click Notch, Move Mouse Into Notch, Move Mouse Out Of Notch
  • Significantly improved three finger tap responsiveness on force touch trackpads
  • Fixed some issues with the function keys on the new MBPs
  • Fixed a bug with the "Show/Hide Specific Application" action
BetterTouchTool 3.600 (October, 25, 2021)
  • Full macOS 12 Monterey compatibility
  • Integration with the macOS Shortcuts app on macOS 12 Monterey. Configured Shortcuts now show up directly in the list of predefined actions in BTT. You can use any BTT trigger to execute Shortcuts.
  • Various BTT actions have been made available to the Shortcuts app. After the release of Monterey I'll start posting various example Shortuts here. Especially BTT's floating webview is super powerful toghether with Shortcuts
  • Fixed the "Close All Notifications" action.
  • The "Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse" can now also be used to trigger different Named Triggers depending on whether the image was found or not. (This e.g. allows to trigger different things with the same shortcut depending on some UI state)
  • New Triggers: (in the "Named & Other Triggers" section) "Did Open Macbook Lid", "Did Close Macbook Lid", "Keyboard Layout / Input Source Changed", "Did Connect to Wifi with Name", "Did Disconnect from Wifi with Name"
  • New predefined action: "Upload image in clipboard to"
  • Many bugfixes
BetterTouchTool 3.579 (August, 5, 2021)
  • Fixed issues with macOS 11.5.x that could lead to BTT freezing as soon as it became the focused app
  • Fixed issues with time based triggers (in the "Other Triggers" section in BTT
BetterTouchTool 3.570 (July, 4, 2021)
After a few exhausting months, I'm finally back working fully on BetterTouchTool! This release brings:
  • Support for new Siri Remote (2021 model), with BTT this is a really great Mac remote!
  • Compatibility with macOS 12 beta (Montery)
  • Added a "Run Shortcut" action, which allows to run Shortcuts from the Shortcuts app in macOS 12, Monterey.
  • Fixed various crashes & bugs
  • Fixed issues with SFSymbols for Touch Bar buttons
  • Mouse Gestures / Drawings can now be disabled per app
  • Switched date formatting to ISO 8601
  • Fixed issue with "Save / restore specific window layout" action.
  • More updates soon !
BetterTouchTool 3.553 (January, 26, 2021)
  • Unfortunately 3.551 introduced a little bug that caused some triggers to fail (e.g. middle-click on Magic Mouse or double-tap to drag). This should be fixed now.
  • You can now use the start/stop moving predefined action toghether with mouse clicks. This allows you to move a window by clicking anywhere on its visible area and holding a modifier key. See for details on how to set this up.
BetterTouchTool 3.551 (January, 25, 2021)
  • Fixes for the Touch Bar behavior of the new M1 Macbook Pro.
  • Improved Hyper Key responsiveness and in general better integration of the Hyper Key into other BTT functionality.
  • Hyper Key can now execute a "Named Trigger" in case it was not use as part of a shortcut (this allows to e.g. trigger ESC or keep the Toggle Caps Lock functionality). See for more information.
  • Preparations for Elgato Stream Deck integration which will be supported with the next BTT version.
BetterTouchTool 3.540 (January, 17 2021)
The release notes are also always available via
  • Some improvements for M1 Macs (in case the update doesn't work automatically on these, please download a fresh copy from
  • You can now make Caps Lock act as a "Hyper Key" (a key that automatically presses all standard modifier keys for you). This allows you to define shortcuts like cmd+ctrl+opt+shift+A (which for sure won't interfere with anything) and still trigger them easily by only pressing Caps Lock + A.
    To achieve this just record the Caps Lock key as a shortcut and assign the new "Act as Hyper Key" action to it.
  • Capturing the special & media keys on a keyboard and assigning actions to them is possible again (e.g. Play, Next, Previous, Eject).
  • The "Open URL / Open URL with Selection" action now allows to select which Browser to use
  • BTT can now be set as Default Browser. This allows you to run BTT actions based on the URL/App, and e.g. forward specific URLs to specific Browsers. (E.g. always open Microsoft Teams in Edge. It also allows to implement custom logic using scripts to determine how a URL shall be handled.
    For more details see
  • Touch Bar buttons, script widgets and menubar items now support SF Symbol icons
  • Added a "Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse" action, which let's you search for some pixels on your screen and move the mouse cursor to the found position (if any). It's currently pretty basic but if you combine that with some click actions it can make it easier to automate things.
  • The "move mouse to position" action can now move relative to the corners of the main-screen or mouse-screen.
  • The || operator used in the "trigger menubar menu item" action will now also cycle between items if one of them is disabled.
  • Many little bugfixes.
BetterTouchTool 3.508 (November, 27, 2020)
  • More bugfixes for macOS Big Sur and the M1 processor.
BetterTouchTool 3.505 (October, 14, 2020)
  • Little adjustments for macOS Big Sur based on first user feedback.
BetterTouchTool 3.503 (October, 11, 2020)
  • Compiled for Apple Silicon, so BTT will run smoothly on the new Macbook Air, Pro and Mac Mini!!
  • Updates for Big Sur compatibility
  • Various bugfixes & fixed trial versions ending early
BetterTouchTool 3.402 (August, 11, 2020)
  • Fixes an issue that caused some trial periods to end too early.
  • BTT now remembers its menubar icon position correctly.
BetterTouchTool 3.401 (August, 8, 2020)
  • This fixes an issue with the new preset import that could lead to incomplete imports
  • Fixes a BTT crash that could occur randomly.
BetterTouchTool 3.400 (August, 3, 2020)
  • New Predefined Action: "Close All Notifications"
  • Initial macOS 11, Big Sur compatibility improvements (I'll also release an Apple Silicon update later this year)
  • Improved preset import process & UI
  • Added Apple Script / Java Script / Shell Script menubar items. They can be configured in the "Named & Other Triggers" section in BTT. They allow you to show custom things in your menubar.
  • Added predefined action "Show Custom Context Menu" which allows you to show a custom context menu that can contain any triggers you have set up in BTT. It can either reference named triggers by their name or any other triggers by their UUID
BetterTouchTool 3.372 (May, 11, 2020)
  • Added new predefined action "Transform & Copy Selection With Java Script", which allows to directly modify text with custom Java Script code when copying it to the clipboard.
  • This version fixes a few potential crashing issues and improves many little things in various areas (MIDI support, Clipboard Manager, Time Based Triggers).
  • Added context menu to app list with some copy & paste options.
  • Added possibility to chain actions to achieve drag & drop with BTT. (New predefined actions "Start Drag" & "Stop Drag"). See for an example.
  • Preparations to support new preset sharing platform which will go online soon.
BetterTouchTool 3.365 (April, 23 2020)
  • BTT now supports custom Java Script Text Transformer Functions (see
    They can be used in the BTT Clipboard Manager to transform text before pasting it and they can also be used with the new Transform Selected Text With Java Script action. This allows for some pretty cool things.

    To use them in the BTT Clipboard Manager, create a new "Clipboard Manager / Java Scrip Transformer Function" in the "Named & Other Triggers" section in BTT. They will then automatically become available in the Clipboard Manager:
    Here you can see an example to replace text in-place using the Transform Selected Text With Java Script predefined action:

    Transformer functions can be as simple as this:
    async (clipboardContentString) => {
       return clipboardContentString.toUpperCase()
  • All BTT Java Script functions now support basic fetch http requests
  • Fixed various bugs related to BTT_PRESET_PATH variables
  • Added support for BusyCal and Fantastical 3 in BTT Calendar Widget
  • Added new variable that can be queried in scripts: BTTTouchBarVisible
  • Many bugfixes and performance improvements
BetterTouchTool 3.346 (build 1554) (February, 29, 2020)
  • Various bugfixes
  • Breaking change: if you have script widgets that change their attributes (background color, font color, icon) using a regex you now need to provide an alternate icon as well, otherwise it won't show the icon anymore if the regex is activated.
  • Documentation on has been updated.
  • BetterTouchTool 3.335 (build 1543) (February, 19, 2020)
    Fixed a small issue with named triggers and a issue related to action sequences that contain delays.
    BetterTouchTool 3.333 (build 1541) (February, 18, 2020)
    I didn't post many updates about BetterTouchTool during the last few weeks or even months. This was mostly because we had our first baby and I took some time off to enjoy this amazing time. I'm now fully back to work on BTT, so here is the first official update in 2020 🎉.

    Presets now have their own data folder
    • BTT now supports a new preset bundle format that can include files which can be referenced e.g. in scripts or in the Floating WebView. This is quite powerful and I think it will allow some great new things to be created with BTT. I'm going to post various related tutorials on my blog soon. Documentation for this will also soon be added on
    Java Script for scripting BTT
    • BTT now supports real Java Script. It allows you to access any BTT scripting interface and also run Apple or Shell Scripts right from within the Java Script. For me this is much easier than having to use the complicated Apple Script or Shell Script syntax e.g. to do string operations :-). For details on this see
    Floating WebView Upgrade
    • Updated the documentation on:
    • Switched the Floating WebView to the modern Apple WKWebView. This will allow for some cool new things. In general the floating HTML/Webview has received a big upgrade:
      • You can now run Apple Script or Shell Scripts right from within the WebView - and get the results. See for details.
      • The floating webview can now be made resizable & draggable
      • The floating webview now allows to specify custom z-indexes to e.g. make it float above all or behind everything.
      • The floating webview now allows to go fullscreen - this is great if you want to use it as floating Netflix player and the like.
      • The new webview can overlay full-screen apps. So you can watch some series while working fullscreen on something ;-)
      • Files located in the preset data folder can now be accessed using presetfile://
      • Other local files can be accessed via localfile://
      • BTT actions can be triggered using bttweb://
    People have already started to create cool stuff with the new WebView during the alpha phase.
    See e.g. these examples made by user @yw4z on the community forum.
    Predefined Actions Other small features
    • Improvements for the 16" Macbook Pro.
    • New trigger in other / named triggers section: Time Based Triggers. They can be set to trigger at specific times or intervals.
    • New trigger in other / named triggers, "Custom Menubar Icon", allows you to add custom items to your menubar.
    • The BTT Clipboard Manager (predefined action "Show Clipboard / Pasteboard History"), can now preview PDFs and various other file types.
    • Dragging a file (or something else) onto the BTT menubar or dock icon, will copy it to the clipboard and make it availble in the BTT Clipboard Manager.
    • Clipboard Manager got a new option to clear all entries but keep the ones marked as favorite.
    • Touch Bar: It is now possible to create sliding buttons (e.g. a brightness button that you can touch & directly slide to change the brightness). See for details.
    • Touch Bar: The calendar day widget has more configuration options and got much more powerful.
    • Touch Bar: You can now place the icon for a Touch Bar button inside the text by using the {icon} placeholder
    • New triggers in "Named / Other Triggers Section": Specific app did launch, app did terminate, app did activate, app did deactivate.
    • New trigger in other / named triggers, "Did receive NSWorkspace Notification"
    • The window switcher and multi action context menu are now keyboard navigatable.
    • Improved Touch Bar visibility behavior after system sleep, if it still doesn't work for you set a "after sleep delay" in the advanced Touch Bar settings in BTT.
    • Fixed randomly stuck Touch Bar buttons when using key repeat
    • Significantly reduced false positive rate for the Tip Tap gesture.
    • Improved performance.
    • Fixed issue where the "Restart after sleep" option would not be saved in general settings
    • Global Touch Bar gestures should behave better
    • Fixed a bug where the shell task / script action assigned to a Touch Bar widget would sometimes delete the Touch Bar widget's text after running the task.
    • The "Works on keyboards of the same type" option for keyboard shortcuts has been improved and should now really be able to differentiate between keyboards. You might need to re-record your shortcuts though. This also works for the gesture button on the Logitech MX Master 3.
    • Many little other fixes reported on
    • You can now hide installed presets from the UI (in the preset selector). This is helpful if you use big third party presets but don't want to see all their configuration.
    BetterTouchTool 3.209 (November, 7, 2019)
    • Changes in this version: Some more small Catalina improvements.
    BetterTouchTool 3.207 (October, 24, 2019)
    • Fixes some small Catalina issues and a bug that caused Trial versions to end early
    BetterTouchTool 3.205 (October, 09, 2019)
    • Add new screen recording permission request for macOS Catalina, which is necessary for Window Snapping / Moving to work correctly.
    • Added a silent update mode
    • The standard update notification window should not steal focus of other applications anymore.
    • Some general macOS 10.15 Catalina fixes
    BetterTouchTool 3.201 (updated again- sorry had to quickly fix a stupid little bug) (September, 12, 2019)
    • Fixes for the calendar and clipboard widgets in BTT
    • Added more options to predefined action "Show / Hide Specific Application"
    • Fixed some more macOS Catalina issues (BTT should now work pretty well on the upcoming macOS)
    • Fixed a few import/export issues
    • Fixed a few crashing bugs
    • Fixed Java Script for Automation background execution support
    BetterTouchTool 3.182 (updated) (August, 20, 2019)
    • BTT does not need to restart after sleep anymore! - If you encounter any issues after sleep, please let me know.
    • Added clipboard manager widget for Touch Bar
    • Big performance improvements for some BTT setups.
    BetterTouchTool 3.170 (updated) (August, 2, 2019)
    • Fixed an issue where some BTT triggers were not working after sleep
    • Improved calendar widgets and added more configuration options
    • Various performance improvements
    • Various crash and bugfixes
    • Updated process priority helper tool (unfortunately you need to manually uninstall and reinstall it using the advanced BTT settings)
    BetterTouchTool 3.148 (updated) (July, 16, 2019)
    • You can now control your Touch Bar with the mouse cursor (needs to be activated in the advanced Touch Bar settings). This is really great e.g. in combination with the Dock widget so you can keep the normal Dock hidden.
    • Added calendar widgets (Fixed wrong date issue in 3.141, reminders support will be added soon. Feedback welcome as this is an initial draft).
    • Added a optional helper tool to slightly increase the BTT process priority which might help if you encounter stuttery scrolling or similar. This can be activated in the advanced general settings.
    • The type / paste custom text action can now also paste rich text (e.g. for expanding key sequences)
    • The Dock widget now allows long press to show the app expose
    • Added "move mouse to bottom screen edge" and "Move Mouse away from bottom screen edge" actions to the other triggers section in BTT. You can use that to open and close a Touch Bar group if the mouse touches the bottom of the screen.
    BetterTouchTool 3.108 (July, 08, 2019)
    • V3.090 now includes support for native Swift or Objective-C Touch Bar widget plugins. If you are a developer have a look at to see how to build them.
    • Added new "Dock" Touch Bar widget, which can mimic the macOS Dock
    • Added a "fixed width" option to Touch Bar buttons & widgets. Text will be truncated if used.
    • Added configuration option to set a different font size for two line Touch Bar buttons or widgets.
    • Added option to the advanced Touch Bar settings to enable haptic feedback globally, even if the BTT bar is hidden
    • Pressing the X button on the Touch Bar will no longer require a double-tap to bring back the BTT bar
    • Touch Bar gestures can now be configured to work globally - so they work even if the BTT bar is not visible (needs to be configured for every gesture)
    • Touch Bar titles can now contain basic HTML & CSS for styling (must begin and end with HTML tags)
    • Changed the control strip icon behavior a bit.
    • Fixed send shortcut to specific app and show / hide specific app actions
    • Improved MIDI device support. You can now select which MIDI devices to connect in the settings.
    • New predefined action "Scroll By"
    • You can now specify a fixed position for the floating web views (this can be used to build a nice Dashboard replacement for macOS Catalina)
    • Improved "Show Menubar In Context Menu" action
    • Fixed Key Sequence configuration in new UI
    • HUD Text can now include BTT variables
    • Improved performance for volume and brightness slider widgets
    • Fixed a very obscure import bug that I have been hunting for ages (caused e.g. gestures in groups to not work after importing a preset) Various fixes for the new user interface
    BetterTouchTool 3.05 (June, 3, 2019)
    • Various fixes for the new user interface
    • Fixed send shortcut to specific app and show / hide specific app actions
    • Improved MIDI device support
    BetterTouchTool 3.04 (May, 28, 2019)
  • Fixes some issues introduced with 3.00/3.01. Especially the broken clipboard manager, which should now be working again (and behave better with Microsoft Office apps :-)). Btw. if you are not using a clipboard manager - definitely have a look at the predefined action "Show Clipboard History". It is one of my most used features in BTT.
  • There might be a few more updates coming the next few days, as the 3.00 release was massive and I'm sure more little issues will be discovered by you all. Sorry about that!
  • BetterTouchTool 3.01 (May, 27, 2019)
    • This version makes the new UI the default on macOS >= 10.13. However don't worry, the old UI will still be available for at least a year until the new one is battle tested and I'm absolutely sure it does everything it needs to.
    • See this blog post on my website for more information about the new UI:
    • If you encounter bugs or translation issues with the new UI, please report them via
    • Added basic MIDI device support. If you have some MIDI device you can now use it to trigger BTT actions.
    • Added predefined action "Connect Bluetooth MIDI Device With Name"
    • Added iCloud Drive to synchronization options
    • Many bugfixes
    BetterTouchTool 2.814 (April, 29, 2019)
    • Various bugfixes
    • This version contains a beta preview of the upcoming BetterTouchTool UI (currently only on macOS >= 10.13). The new UI is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and German (more to follow). If you encounter translation issues it would be great if you'd help fix them (
    • It would also be great if you'd report issues you encounter with new UI via
    • Thanks a lot to everybody who helped during the development of the new UI especially @yuuiko!
    BetterTouchTool 2.727 (March, 15, 2019)
    • Fixed an issue that caused trial versions to expire early.
    • First preview (not ready for normal usage) of the upcoming new UI.
    • Various bugfixes
    BetterTouchTool 2.717 (February, 2, 2019)
    • BTT is now using Apple's "Hardened Runtime" on macOS and is notarized using the Apple notarization service.
    • Fixed usability issue with gesture/action selector popup
    • Fixed mouse speed setting issues
    • Fixed various snap area issues
    • Fixed various dark mode issues
    • Keyboard Shortcuts & Key Sequences can now be bound to a specific keyboard type.
    • Worked on app specific Touch Bar visibility settings behavior.
    • Fixed "New File in Current Folder" action.
    • Added a pretty cool but experimental predefined action: "Save / restore specific window layout". This allows you to save various window sizes & positions among different apps, and restore them at any time. This may not work in call cases yet, please report issues on if necessary.
    • Added a little but useful action "Show / Hide Menu Bar Icons left of BTT Icon". This can make your menubar look a bit more clean if you have many menubar apps. It's not nearly as powerful as other apps that focus on this, but for my needs it's good enough. You can e.g. assign it to the "Double Click Menbuar" trigger:
    • Added predefined actions "Save current window layout" & "Restore last saved window layout"
    • Testing new Touch Bar config icon picker. Switching to open source icon sets (Linea, Ionicons & Batch icons), if you know any other open source sets that should be added, please post on
    • Added "Move and maximize all windows to mouse display" action
    • Added a "Toggle Display Mirroring" action.
    • Fixed issue with conditional activation groups and keyboard shortcuts.
    • Conditional activation groups can now access the currently playing app, the information is available even if the "now playing widget" is not used.
    • Added two new triggers to the "Other" tab: "Conditional Activation Group Activated" and "Conditional Activation Group Deactivated". This allows you to trigger stuff when one of your activation groups becomes active / inactive.
    • Conditional activation groups now offer some variables as condition. The variables can be set using Apple Script (e.g.
      tell application "BetterTouchTool" set_string_variable "customVariable1" to "test" end tell
    • Fixed issue with sub roles in conditional activation groups.
    • Possibly fixed an issue with conditional activation group scopes and with the old keyboard implementation. UI is still not completely finished...!
    BetterTouchTool 2.697 (January, 15, 2019)
    • Added a "always show" option to the Touch Bar modifier options. When using that, the button will completely ignore any other modifier settings and always show.
    • Fixed a few crash issues
    • Fixed an issue with app specific triggers and modifier keys.
    • Fixed an issue with Magic Mouse scroll blocking
    • Fixed an issue with the Magic Mouse battery readout
    • The new UI is not yet included - soon!
    BetterTouchTool 2.687 (December, 30, 2018)
    • If everything goes well, this should be the last release before the new UI is rolled out! (I want to get out a stable as possible version before that). Please report any show stopper bugs you encounter as fast as possible via :-)
    • This should signficantly reduce average cpu consumption when using Touch Bar stuff.
    • Fixed JavaScript for Automation execution
    • Touch Bar visibility after sleep fix
    • New advanced modifier options for Touch Bar buttons/widgets
    • Added Touch Bar option to also show specific buttons while Touch Bar groups are open
    • Conditional activation groups can now trigger based on the currently open Touch Bar group.
    • Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts and conditional activation groups
    • Various bugfixes.
    BetterTouchTool 2.667 (December, 15, 2018)
    • Fixed an issue with Trial versions that expired too soon.
    • Added a control strip button widget (allows you to add your own custom control strip icon and define what happens on tap)
    • Added some additional Touch Bar visibility controls to the app specific settings
    • Some adjustments for the "Now Playing" Touch Bar widget
    • Some little changes to the action/gesture selector popover in the preferences
    • Added "display order" to the Touch Bar item configuration options. This allows you to define the order in which items will appear if they are merged e.g. from different activation groups.
    • A lot of work on the new UI (it's not yet visible, for more information please follow I hope I'll be able to release it very soon)
    BetterTouchTool 2.660 (November, 6, 2018)
    • This should fix an issue where BTT wouldn't work correctly after waking from long sleep on macOS Mojave.
    • Fun fact: This week BetterTouchTool is 9 years old - crazy! (First release was on November 7, 2009)
    • News: I'm currently spending most of my time implementing a completely new user interface. If you want to join the discussion, have a look at I plan to release the new interface in 4-8 weeks (it will be optional at the beginning).

    BetterTouchTool 2.644 (September, 29, 2018)
    • Some more improvements for macOS Mojave, especially relating to Dark Mode, but also other areas.
    • Added predefined action "Capture & Edit Screenshot or Video", which uses the new macOS Mojave capture tools
    • Improved responsiveness of moving & resizing actions (e.g. when moving windows using modifier keys)
    • Fixed various bugs in the "Normal Mouse Tab"
    • Fixed an issue with Snap Areas

    BetterTouchTool 2.643 (September, 24, 2018)
    • Improved compatibility with macOS Mojave, which was released today.
    • Fixed window snapping issue with Chrome 69
    • Worked a bit on general Touch Bar settings and improved the defaults
    • Added "Small Step" actions for brightness up and down
    • Fixed issues with the "Switch To Preset" action and added an additional "Toggle Enable/Disable Preset" action
    • Trying to fix an issue where the Touch Bar wouldn't appear after sleep. There is an experimental checkbox in the advanced "General Touch Bar settings" that you can try in case you still encounter issues
    • Fixed a few import issues

    BetterTouchTool 2.636 (September, 1, 2018)
    • A small recovery update to fix an issue introduced in BTT 2.618 that could lead to unresponsive shortcuts in some situations.
    • Added a native "Now Playing" widget for the Touch Bar.

    BetterTouchTool 2.618 (August, 23, 2018)
    Summary: This new version is quite powerful, it contains many improvements for the Touch Bar, a new feature called Conditional Activation Groups and various stability & performance improvements. 2.606 is a quick recovery update that includes a fix related to the shell script widgets.

    1.) Touch Bar:
    • Note: to make BTT more flexible it is now using a custom Touch Bar button implementation, unfortunately in some cases this may change the margins you have previously defined. Also this version completely changes the data model for the Touch Bar stuff, in case you run into any issues please report them.
    • New native weather widget. Powered by Dark Sky
    • New native "now playing" widget. (For iTunes, Spotify, Safari and others).
    • Touch Bar haptic feedback can now trigger when touching AND when the action is triggered, which feels much nicer.
    • Option to set corner radius per item and to choose where to apply it
    • Option to set font color and font-size per item
    • You can now right-click a Touch Bar widget and save all associated icons as PNG
    • Time Zone for Date Widget can now be chosen by location name
    • Weather and Time/Date widget can now use "System Defaults" for units and timezone.
    • Animations for opening groups (can be disabled in the general Touch Bar settings)
    • Battery widget can now be hidden while charging
    • Emoji Widget is now just one endless scrolling list that should behave much faster. Most used emoji are sorted first.
    • Emoji Widget now allows you to define your favorites.
    • Touch Bar items are now cached completely after they have been shown once. This slightly increases RAM usage but improves CPU usage and responsiveness.
    • Users have shared some AMAZING Touch Bar presets on
      One of the most complete and powerful is the preset by user GoldenChaos, but there are also many others. I definitely recommend to have a look there and see whether you like any of them!
      Some GoldenChaos screenshots:

    2.) Conditional Activation Groups
    This version adds a very powerful new feature called "Conditional Activation Groups". Until now you could only create global and app-specific settings in BTT. With conditional activation groups you can create settings that apply to groups of apps, to specific window titles and more. This even allows you to create website specific setups by matching the title of a website (this gets easier if you use a browser plugin that appends the host of a website to the window title, like
    3.) Other
    • Fixed DND action on macOS 10.13 and higher
    • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple items in BTT to have the same UUID. This had previously led to very weird behavior in some cases. This version may change the UUID of some of your items to fix this.
    • Fixed some import issues
    • Haptic feedback on Mojave is now the same as on High Sierra again.
    • Predefined Actions: Added "Toggle True Tone" action (only works on supported Macs)
    • Scripting: Fixed persistent variables issue
    • Various little fixes and improvements for macOS Mojave.
    • Added option to match for "executable path" in the new conditional activation groups.
    • Improved first start experience by reducing the number of popups.
    • BTT now uses a separate database file for every new version, so downgrading will be easier in the future.
    • This version of BTT cleans up the BTT folder in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool and creates a zip file containing various backups.

    BetterTouchTool 2.536 (July, 26, 2018)
    • Fixed an issue with importing presets
    • Improved memory handling / memory usage
    • Hopefully fixed an issue with recent macOS versions that could lead to random, unpredictable freezes.
    • Touch Bar groups can now be configured to "Keep open while switching between apps"

    BetterTouchTool 2.530 (June, 27, 2018)
    • macOS 10.14 beta compatibility. In case it doesn't start on your machine, go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility and delete it using the "-" button. Then add it again to that list./li>
    • New community forum: and connected preset sharing service (beta)
    • This should fix a long standing issue that caused window snapping to behave incorrectly for some apps (e.g. Firefox, Slack) if a screen reader or an app that emulates a screen reader was active.
    • Fixed compatibility with some apps that couldn't be recognized in BTT before. These problematic apps need to be added to the list of BTT's apps by selecting them from the "List of running apps"
    • Added predefined actions "Show HUD Overlay" and "Perform Haptic Feedback"
    • Added variables support to the BTT scripting functions. Documentation is available on The new available functions are:
      • set_persistent_string_variable
      • set_string_variable
      • set_persistent_number_variable
      • set_number_variable
      • get_number_variable
      • get_string_variable
    • Slider widgets now trigger their assigned action when sliding them.
    • Fixed some issues with Apple Scripts triggering other BTT Apple Scripts
    • Fixed encoding issues with integrated webserver
    • Many internal changes and bugfixes.
    • Clipboard Manager can now filter by favorites
    • Fixed an issue with four finger taps on the trackpad
    • Fixed an issue with the floating HTML view
    • Fixed a few issues with scripting BTT.
    • Fixed various import & export related things.

    BetterTouchTool 2.513 (June, 3, 2018)
    • New community forum: and connected preset sharing service (beta)
    • Fixed various import & export related things.
    • Apple Script actions & widgets can now use either standard Apple Script or Java Script for Automation.
    • Apple Script actions & widgets can now run Apple Scripts inputted as source, or Apple Scripts provided using a scpt file
    • Hopefully fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts when switching between Secure Input mode and normal mode.
    • Improved app-specific Touch Bar showing/hiding behavior.
    • You can now set colors for presets
    • About screen shows how long the registered license will receive free updates.
    • Small bugfixes

    BetterTouchTool 2.503 (May, 9, 2018)
    • Added a message about the new EU data privacy laws and updated the privacy policy on my website. There might be some more updates to the privacy policy during the next few weeks. In that case I'll inform you.
    • Added Touch Bar Gestures: Two Finger Swipes, Three Finger Swipes and Four Finger Swipes. They can easily replace some brightness / volume sliders. Just assign the predefined actions "Volume Up/Down" or "Brightness Up/Down". See the documentation for more info.
    • Added option to repeat assigned actions for Touchpad & Magic Mouse Gestures while there are still fingers touching the trackpad after triggering the gesture (see
    • Added option to trigger another Named Trigger after no fingers are touching the trackpad anymore (after triggering a Touchpad Gesture). For example this allows to trigger a middle-click down when doing a three finger click (with the custom click action) and a middle-mouse-click up when removing all fingers from the trackpad. (see
    • Added a "visible checkbox" to the Touch Bar tab. This allows you to temporarily disable/hide Touch Bar items. It also allows you to hide Touch Bar Groups that you only want to open using the predefined action "Open Touch Bar Group"
    • The JSON Import/Export can now also include all general preferences (optional).
    • Improved the "Other" tab in BTT.
    • Named triggers can now show the overlay HUD
    • Fixed an issue with Dropbox Sync.
    • Fixed an issue where modifier keys may unhide the BTT Touch Bar permanently
    • Fixed an issue where Apple or Shell Scripts assigned to a Touch Bar widget would trigger twice in some cases.

    BetterTouchTool 2.467 (April, 28, 2018)
    • Added the most powerful window resizing action ever. It's called Custom Move/Resize Window and it can basically resize and move your windows to any position on any of your screens. It should allow for almost all use cases and is highly customizable. (e.g. if you want an action to move windows between monitors - that's the one for you). In case it doesn't cover your use case - please let me know and I'll check if I can support it.
    • Improved the Floating HTML Menu/Web View a lot, it's now faster and more powerful. It can now trigger actions without flickering. See the BetterTouchTool documentation for more information on how to set this up. You can now set a custom user agent if needed and it can open URLs in the system browser if wanted. You can also right-click the web-view and select "inspect element" to open the Safari dev tools
  • Added predefined action "Paste specific items from Clipboard Manager", which can be useful in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with very low resolutions.
  • Fixed issue with recording drawing gestures.
  • Fixed an issue where Apple Script execution could freeze BTT
  • You can now set a shared secret that must be passed whenever one of the scripting functions is used. This can be set in the advanced preferences.
  • Added scripting ability for to delete triggers from BTT ("delete_trigger")
  • More preparations for the launch of the "preset sharing platform". I think I now have everything ready, so I aim to launch this platform sometime next week :-)

    BetterTouchTool 2.444 (April, 17 , 2018)
    • This is a pretty powerful update and the first BetterTouchTool version created by my new company folivora.AI GmbH. (folivora are sloth, and the ai is a specific kind of sloth :-)). Our new Website is and we will offer services and improvements around open sourced BetterTouchTool and other apps . If you are a Setapp customer: BetterTouchTool is now also available on Setapp. Andreas Hegenberg (me) keeps the old versions created by heim available via so others can also build on them.
    • Predefined actions: Added new powerful, fully customizable floating WebView/HTML menu. This allows you to create whatever kind of overlay menu you want with HTML+CSS, and it allows you to trigger any BetterTouchTool action you want. Fore more details please see
    • Other Triggers: You can now specify "named triggers" in the other tab in BetterTouchTool. These can be triggered using the predefined action "Trigger Named Trigger".
    • TouchBar: Repeat Rate & Repeat Delay when keeping a button pressed can now be set.
    • TouchBar: The Script widgets can now return either a string result, or a JSON object with the following keys (all optional): {"text":"newTitle", "icon_data":"base64_icon_data", "icon_path":"file_path_to_new_icon", "background_color": "255,85,100,255"}
    • TouchBar: Option to trigger a "named trigger" on long-press of a button or widget.
    • TouchBar: Script Widgets and Buttons can now be updated using Apple Script, Custom URL Schemes or the new integrated Webserver. Please have a look at the documentation for more details as this is a bit complicated.
    • TouchBar: Fixed various "jumping" issues
    • TouchBar: You can now activate "Always run on becoming visible" for Script widgets. This will execute the script everytime the widget becomes visible, otherwise it will only run in the defined interval (unless no value has been received so far, then it will always run on becoming visible)
    • TouchBar: Script Widget Configuration dialogue can now be resized and supports cmd+z
    • General: Release notes are now accessible from the BetterTouchTool menubar icon
    • Predefined actions: The Move mouse to position action is now much more powerful. It e.g. allows you to move the mouse relative to the default button, relative to all window corners or to the active element in a window.
    • Predefined actions: "Run Terminal Command" now has two variants: one that blocks further execution until the command has finished, and one that runs the command asynchronously (as it was before)
    • Predefined actions: Added predefined action "quit application under cursor"
    • Predefined actions: Fixed issue with "Show Menubar in Context Menu"
    • Predefined actions: Fixed issue with "type text" action
    • General: Added integrated Webserver (disabled by default). This allows you to create super customizable HTML based dashboards (e.g. for use on tablets or android phones). Also it is great in combination with the new floating menu action.
    • General: Completely changed the Apple Script runner service to use significantly lower amounts of memory.
    • Other Triggers: Fixed issue with "Double-Click Window Titlebar" trigger.
    • Fixed some other bugs