BetterTouchTool >= 4.460 (March, 11, 2024)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.428 (March, 5, 2024)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.401 (February, 12, 2024)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.389 (February, 1, 2024)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.356 (December, 15, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.333 (November, 24, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.316 (November, 2, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.271 (September, 20, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.260 (September, 16, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.157 (July, 4, 2023)

Thanks a lot for the great feedback on the new Floating Menus! This version contains various changes & fixes to this feature based on the user feedback I have received. Visit the community forum on for any questions.

BetterTouchTool >= 4.145 (June, 29, 2023)
This is the first public release of a powerful new feature called "Floating Menus / Widget" (macOS 13 and higher). These are very customizable menus, which you can use in many different ways. The feature is a work in progress, you can follow the development in the community forum:
In this case I think some quick videos are better than a text description so some examples:

A menu that pops up when hovering the Notch and allows you to drop image files to convert them to png:
Notch Menu

A menu that expands on hover and is attached to the focused window.

A simple browser implemented as a floating menu:

Using three finger swipe to show a menu at the mouse cursor position, then hide automatically when releasing the fingers from the trackpad:
Three Finger Swipe

A Google Translate Menu which is placed on the Desktop:

Basic scripting and a submenu:

Other changes:
BetterTouchTool >= 4.063 (March, 6, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.045 (February, 27, 2023)
Note: I'm starting to post tutorials on (non-obvious) things you can do with BetterTouchTool on my blog. First post is about BetterTouchTool and how you can use it to work with ChatGPT:

BetterTouchTool >= 4.0 (February, 4, 2023)
BetterTouchTool >= 4.0 (January, 30, 2023)

Note: The version number doesn't have any real meaning, this is not a major upgrade or anything. It's just that I ran out of reasonable versions ;-) However it still feels nice to have reached v4 after more than 13 years. Now let's start the development cycle, I have lots of nice things planned for 2023! (Btw no longer active on Twitter, follow me on Mastodon:

New Features: Various Bugfixes Work in progress:
BetterTouchTool >= 3.952 (November, 25, 2022)
  • Added "Set Display Brightness" action
  • Added "Activate Previous App / Window", "Save Active Window" and "Restore Saved Active Window" actions.
  • Added "Show Notification" action
  • Fixed issue with existing "Frontmost windows side by side" actions
  • Fixed little issue with mouse button chording using advanced trigger conditions.
  • Maybe fixed an issue where custom Snap Areas might not show after sleep (not sure whether it's really fixed)
  • Prepared Stream Deck + integration (not yet finsihed). Also first work on Loupedeck devices which will be added next.
  • Migrated Weather Widgets from DarkSky to  Weather
  • Added "Activate Specific Window" action, which let's you activate a window by it's title.
  • Fixed issue with SF Symbols on Stream Deck
  • Added "Show / Hide Stream Deck Emulator action
  • Tons of bugfixes
BetterTouchTool >= 3.951 (November, 21, 2022)
  • Fixed an issue with early trial expiration
  • Migrated Weather Widgets from DarkSky to  Weather
  • Added "Activate Specific Window" action, which let's you activate a window by it's title.
  • Fixed issue with SF Symbols on Stream Deck
  • Added "Show / Hide Stream Deck Emulator action
BetterTouchTool >= 3.935 (October, 25, 2022)
Added various Stage Manager (for macOS Ventura) actions, these allow to control Stage Manager via keyboard shrotcuts or other triggers:
  • Activate Stage by Position
  • Activate Stage by contained Apps
  • Cycle through Stages
  • Show Stages in Context Menu
  • Turn On/Off Stage Manager
  • Turn On/Off Recent Apps
  • Added an "All Configured Triggers Overview" mode, to show all configured triggers regardless of type in one view.
  • The "Window Switcher" action can now show thumbnails of the windows.
  • Some bugfixes for macOS Ventura
  • BetterTouchTool 3.913/3.914 (October, 20, 2022)
    • Window snapping now allows to directly snap tabs in many apps when dragging these.
    • New predefined action: "Show Context Menu for Selected Element" (this won't work in all apps, but in many)
    • Added sensitivity setting for trackpad 5 finger pinches.
    • For the predefined action "Launch Application / Open File / Apple Script ..." you can now enter the path manually if needed.
    • Many bugfixes.
    • macOS Ventura readiness improvements:
      • Fixed "Close all notifications" action for macOS Ventura.
      • Improved window snapping compatibility for the upcoming Stage Manager feature in macOS Ventura
      • Many changes to the Notch Bar feature to make it compatible with macOS Ventura.
      • Various crash fixes for the upcoming macOS Ventura. BTT should now be fully compatible with the soon to be released macOS version.
    BetterTouchTool 3.870 (September, 5, 2022)
    • Fixed issue with the new Macbook Air M2 Trackpads
    • Added advanced "Trigger Conditions" for almost every trigger type in BTT.
      For example such conditions allow you to only execute triggers if a certain amount of fingers are touching the trackpad or Magic Mouse. They also allow to define conditions the hovered or focused UI element must fulfil - and many more.
      Here is an example where one gesture is used for many different window moving actions - depending on the cursor location in the hovered window (tutorial available via":
    • Added new predefined actions "Execute Action Sequence after Timeout" and "Cancel Scheduled Execution of Action Sequence". In contrast to the "delay next action" they allow to trigger a action sequence after longer delays (e.g. after half an hour).
    • Various improvmenets for the upcoming macOS Ventura.
    • Fixed some window moving / resizing related issues
    • Many little bugfixes and improvements
    BetterTouchTool 3.826 (July, 28, 2022)
    • Fixed various issues with the configuration UI in BTT. These were introduced with the previous version.
    • Fixed a possible crash
    BetterTouchTool 3.821 (July, 13, 2022)
    BetterTouchTool 3.784 (May, 22, 2022)
    • Fixed issues with the "Delay Next Action" functionality.
    BetterTouchTool 3.781 (May, 14, 2022)
    This is a small update (I'm still working on a bigger BTT update, which will be ready soon)
    • New predefined action: "Cycle through multiple actions (on repeated trigger)". This allows to run different actions e.g. when executing a shortcut multiple times.
    • New predefined action "Pin/Unpin Focused Window To Float On Top" (unfortunately doesn't work for DRM protected video)
    • Long & Short press shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts now have new configuration options "Minimum time keys need to be pressed" and "Maximum time keys can be pressed" (only for "key up"). This allows to create shortcuts that do different things if they are pressed for a short time or if they are pressed for a long time.
    • Predefined action "Transform & Replace Selection with JavaScript" can now also transform to e.g. html or rich text formatted output. So you can e.g. easily color some selected text or add other formatting.
    • Added predefined action "Show custom context menu (NEW)", this one is much more flexible and easier to setup than the old custom context menu action. It supports sub-menus and can also be used in combination with custom menubar items.
    • Added video compatibility config option for the super brightness mode.
    • Various bugfixes
    BetterTouchTool 3.756 (April, 11, 2022)
    • Clipboard Manager allows to select default paste type (e.g. plaintext)
    • Added predefined action "Toggle super brightness for current display". This enables a "super brightness mode", which doubles the brightness on the most current MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR. Use on your own risk, I have no idea whether this is bad for the display. Probably don't use for long time periods :-). This is based on, it doesn't use any low level API - just some filters - to achieve this effect.
    • The "Insert/paste/type custom text" action can now paste HTML (and other) formats. E.g. to insert a horizontal line, enter <hr> and select the HTML option. It can also paste images (base64 formatted) and other things.
    • Fixed a few issues with the BTT Clipboard Manager.
    • Fixed a crash related to custom snap areas
    • Touch Bar settings now have an option to hide the left X / Close button on the Touch Bar (while showing the control strip).
    • This is just a small update, there will be a big one with many cool new features soon
    BetterTouchTool 3.741 (January, 31, 2022)
    • Fixed an issue where the Clipboard Manager in BTT would not show images
    • Fixed an issues with the upcoming macOS 12.3 (which is currently available as Beta from Apple)
    • Fixed multiple issues with the Notch Bar
    BetterTouchTool 3.740 (January, 21, 2022)
    • The BTT Clipboard Manager now allows you to select text on pictures if you are running macOS Monterey. (Really useful with the "Capture Screenshot to Clipboard" action)
    • Fixed issues with notification Dock badges in some popular Touch Bar presets
    • Fixed issues with missing configuration options in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
    • Fixed double-execution of the "App Did Launch / Activate / Deactivate / Quit" and possibly other triggers in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section.
    • Many improvements for the Notch Bar:
    BetterTouchTool 3.711 (January, 12, 2022)
    • Improved overall stability of the Notch Bar feature (for now it still requires >= macOS 12)
    • Added clipboard manager & shortcuts widget for Notch Bar
    • Improved Notch Bar multi-display support (save mode per display, different modes for different displays)
    • Improved responsiveness of Notch Bar
    • Notch Bar can now use the desktop background picture (blurred), this is available in the advanced options.
    • Predefined action "Open URL" now has the option to open in the currently active browser. (Helpful when building a bookmark bar)
    • Added predefined actions "rotate left" and "rotate right".
    BetterTouchTool 3.699 (December, 30, 2021)
    • This is the first public release that contains the new Notch Bar functionality (requires macOS 12). It allows you to replace the standard menubar with a super customizable one.
    • Have a look at for a quick start guide for the Notch Bar functionality. Especially on the new Macbooks with Notch this is pretty great as they have a higher menubar. For the Notch Bar BTT includes similar widgets as for the Touch Bar, you can even copy items from the Touch Bar section and paste them in the Notch Bar section.
    • Added Battery based triggers (drop below or above percentage)
    • Fixed issue with screenshot editing on macOS Monterey
    • Fixed issue with copying & pasting actions from one trigger to another
    BetterTouchTool 3.626 (November, 28, 2021)
    • Fixed various bugs related to the BTT clipboard manager
    • Final preparations for the BTT Notch Bar / Menubar replacement. This will be released next week and it will be amazing :-) (Twitter thread:
    • Conditional activation groups including window title conditions, should update more reliably now<
    BetterTouchTool 3.623 (November, 10, 2021)
    • Various bugfixes
    • Added a simple new action "Show Shortcuts in Context Menu", which allows you to quickly access your Shortcuts from the Shortcuts App at any time.
    • The clipboard manager can now run Shortcuts on selected entries.
    • Preparations for the upcoming "Notch Bar" which will be a powerful Touch Bar replacement. (This is not available in this release yet)
    BetterTouchTool 3.615 (November, 3, 2021)
    • Improved reliability of Capslock => Hyperkey functionality
    BetterTouchTool 3.612 (November, 1, 2021)
    • When using special keys like "brightness up" or "play/pause" in BTT keyboard shortcuts, you can now combine them with modifier keys.
    BetterTouchTool 3.609 (October, 31, 2021)
    • Sorry, another quick bugfix update.
    • New Notch triggers in the "Named & Other Triggers" section: Click Notch,Double-Click Notch, Right-Click Notch, Move Mouse Into Notch, Move Mouse Out Of Notch
    • Significantly improved three finger tap responsiveness on force touch trackpads
    • Fixed some issues with the function keys on the new MBPs
    • Fixed a bug with the "Show/Hide Specific Application" action
    BetterTouchTool 3.600 (October, 25, 2021)
    • Full macOS 12 Monterey compatibility
    • Integration with the macOS Shortcuts app on macOS 12 Monterey. Configured Shortcuts now show up directly in the list of predefined actions in BTT. You can use any BTT trigger to execute Shortcuts.
    • Various BTT actions have been made available to the Shortcuts app. After the release of Monterey I'll start posting various example Shortuts here. Especially BTT's floating webview is super powerful toghether with Shortcuts
    • Fixed the "Close All Notifications" action.
    • The "Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse" can now also be used to trigger different Named Triggers depending on whether the image was found or not. (This e.g. allows to trigger different things with the same shortcut depending on some UI state)
    • New Triggers: (in the "Named & Other Triggers" section) "Did Open Macbook Lid", "Did Close Macbook Lid", "Keyboard Layout / Input Source Changed", "Did Connect to Wifi with Name", "Did Disconnect from Wifi with Name"
    • New predefined action: "Upload image in clipboard to"
    • Many bugfixes
    BetterTouchTool 3.579 (August, 5, 2021)
    • Fixed issues with macOS 11.5.x that could lead to BTT freezing as soon as it became the focused app
    • Fixed issues with time based triggers (in the "Other Triggers" section in BTT
    BetterTouchTool 3.570 (July, 4, 2021)
    After a few exhausting months, I'm finally back working fully on BetterTouchTool! This release brings:
    • Support for new Siri Remote (2021 model), with BTT this is a really great Mac remote!
    • Compatibility with macOS 12 beta (Montery)
    • Added a "Run Shortcut" action, which allows to run Shortcuts from the Shortcuts app in macOS 12, Monterey.
    • Fixed various crashes & bugs
    • Fixed issues with SFSymbols for Touch Bar buttons
    • Mouse Gestures / Drawings can now be disabled per app
    • Switched date formatting to ISO 8601
    • Fixed issue with "Save / restore specific window layout" action.
    • More updates soon !
    BetterTouchTool 3.553 (January, 26, 2021)
    • Unfortunately 3.551 introduced a little bug that caused some triggers to fail (e.g. middle-click on Magic Mouse or double-tap to drag). This should be fixed now.
    • You can now use the start/stop moving predefined action toghether with mouse clicks. This allows you to move a window by clicking anywhere on its visible area and holding a modifier key. See for details on how to set this up.
    BetterTouchTool 3.551 (January, 25, 2021)
    • Fixes for the Touch Bar behavior of the new M1 Macbook Pro.
    • Improved Hyper Key responsiveness and in general better integration of the Hyper Key into other BTT functionality.
    • Hyper Key can now execute a "Named Trigger" in case it was not use as part of a shortcut (this allows to e.g. trigger ESC or keep the Toggle Caps Lock functionality). See for more information.
    • Preparations for Elgato Stream Deck integration which will be supported with the next BTT version.
    BetterTouchTool 3.540 (January, 17 2021)
    The release notes are also always available via